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In 1998, Giuliano Fino, young graduate farmer, decided to continue the family agricultural business at the feet of Monviso, in the area of Saluzzo which is characterised by ideal lands for the cultivation of blueberries, plums, apples and kiwis.
The objective consisted in experimenting new fruit varieties, as well as production techniques in constant development. The above was pursued thanks to the great passion for the land and for a challenging but stimulating job, that of farmer.
Naturalmente Buona BIO


In spring 2015, two new activities completed the diversification of the farm business: breeding of CAMOSCIATA goats for the production of milk and the EDUCATIONAL FARM. The project is intended for school groups, with the aim to inform children about the farm’s activity, the cultivation cycle, breeding, and much more. The desire is to create a more authentic bond between man and nature.
There is the possibility to follow different educational paths with regards to the fruit orchard for the production of blueberries and animals. Each path features a laboratory that engages all children and teenagers with funny and playful activities.


The main turning point occurred in 2005 when the agricultural estate of Giuliano Fino left behind anything related to chemicals and converted to organic methods in the cultivation of fruit, that is not only practice but above all a change of philosophy and approach towards the land.
Giuliano found new techniques from ancient times. The play on words for once, is clear: in fact, a genuine and healthy relation with nature is resumed by implementing traditional methods. Despite the required efforts are greater, it is possible to embody the values of the land that is no longer an object of exploitation but a living reality, with which to establish a relation based above all on respecting seasons, times, vital cycles and the environment.
The obvious consequence of the above is a lower production of fruit with aesthetic properties that do not fully meet the canons of the traditional market, but more natural, healthier and more genuine.


Another Company’s evolution took place in 2011 with a choice that goes beyond the simple cultivation of fruit: processing. “Naturalmente buona” is a line of processed products that fully exalts organic fruit and its properties.
“Naturalmente buona” is a healthy and natural alternative to the same categories of industrial origin.
The main products of this line are: dried fruit, compotes and juices.


Thanks to the set-up of a cutting-edge laboratory, the Company processes the fruit in dried fruit at its premises, the first article of “Naturalmente Buona” line. An organic and innovative product in view of the production technique that characterises it: drying at cold temperatures.
Drying is one of the most natural methods to preserve foods and is able to stop decaying enzymatic processes that affect food products. However, traditional drying at high temperatures may alter the fruit properties significantly. The “cold” technology instead is based on refrigerant systems that cool the air, dehydrate and heat it up to temperatures of 35-40°C with air humidity of approx. 3%.
Naturalmente Buona BIO
This process allows to quickly dry any type of fruit, retaining the aroma, colour and cell structure.
The dried fruit of “Naturalmente Buona” line includes a wide range of 100% organic fruit: Apple, Pear, Blueberry, Ramassin, Plum, Apricot, Peach, Persimmon and Kiwi.


Compotes are prepared with the “vacuum” technique thanks to which the fruit is cooked at a temperature of 60-70°, meaning lower than the temperature to which the fruit for compotes is subject in large plants. Thanks to the above technique, it is possible to preserve the colour and the organoleptic and sensorial properties of the fruit, avoiding the loss of the product proteins and vitamins. This process allows increasing the marmalade density without using industrial substances, therefore exalting the natural sugar present in the fruit. In fact, added sugar does not exceed 150 gr. per kilogram, a definitely lower quantity compared to traditional compotes.
For this reason, these products are considered compotes and not marmalades or jams.
In the latter, the quantity of sugar is extremely high and the percentage of fruit does not exceed 50%, while fruit is the main ingredient in the compotes. This way, with a low quantity of sugar, the final product is even more genuine and suitable for everybody.
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